Guide to Superconductivity-Related Activities in Australia and New Zealand

The purpose of this Guide is to provide the superconducting community worldwide with a searchable database succinctly defining the scope of current superconductivity-related activities in Australia and New Zealand and offering complete contact information for the organizations involved. Research, development, design, manufacturing, characterization and applications (users) is or can be included, but no publicity is allowed. The database should stimulate interaction and cooperation between active groups and institutions worldwide. The information to be provided by this Guide can also become useful to national and international agencies, governmental bodies and others. The Guide is associated with the IEEE CSC & ESAS Superconductivity News Forum (SNF).

Guide users should be able to browse it by topical category, class (type of activity or organization), country or name of the organization with dropdown listings of choices, and by keywords, terms, and contact names. The Guide contents will be updated via an annual review, with new entries and updates accepted at any time. We appeal to all members of the superconductivity communities in Australia and New Zealand to continue assisting the Guide Editors by submission of additional new entries and prompt updates whenever needed. The Editors will be also grateful for any information on existing activities and reliable contact data, which can be e-mailed to Professor Alexey V Pan (, University of Wollongong, Australia and Dr. Stuart Wimbush (, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Submission of any new entry should be by completion of the New Guide Entry Form.