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SNF Issue No. 9, July 2009

Issue Date: 
Wednesday, Jul 01, 2009
Volume 3
Issue No. 9

Contents of 9th Issue
Issue Date: July 31, 2009

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V. E. Sytnikov, V. S. Vysotsky, S. S. Fetisov, A. A. Nosov, Yu.G.Shakaryan, V.I.Kochkin, A.N.Kiselev, Yu.A. Terentyev, V.M.Patrikeev, V.V.Zubko


R. Wördenweber, E. Hollmann, J. Schubert, R. Kutzner, and Ajay Kumar Ghosh


C. Millon, S. Morlens, P. Chaudoüet, C. Jimenez, J.L. Soubeyroux, P. Tixador, A. Allais, C. F. Theune, P. Odier